Best Selling Watches On Auction

The watch 6536/1 is one of the early-released, “small crown” Submariner fake watches from the late 1950s before the arrival of crown guards. This specific tag heuer replica watch 6536/1 was produced in 1957, and in stunning good condition, with a case that seems to be totally mat. Vintage Submariner cheap watches are among some of the most high-price watches available. In spite of the relatively conservative estimated price of USD 20,000 to USD 35,000, this particular reference 6536/1 was sold at the price of 225,000 USD.
This was the highest pre-sale estimate price this week, and almost received the highest discussion of the auction. The specific same watch was sold by Christie’s New York in Dec 2011 at the price of 542,500 USD. This time around, almost 7 years later, the transaction price increased almost 3 folds, bringing in 1,572,500 USD, which was consistent with its estimated price of 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 USD. Almost all Rolex reference 6062 watches with star dials will be expensive; however the distinctive patina on this one exalted it to an absolutely new level of value. Two of the season’s largest auctions were held New York this week. As expected, a body of really amazing fake watches had become part of the collections of the highest bidders. Sotheby’s Important Watches auction, that was held on Wednesday, Dec 5, bought in a total of 8,987,654 USD, while Christie’s An Evening of Exceptional Watches, took place on Thursday, Dec 6, brought in a sale total of 10,789,123 USD. All the replica watches at these two auctions are highly remarkable and collectible vintage watches of great value.
The specific reference 8171 fake Rolex “Padellone” triple calendar has totally astonishing best replica watches condition, which no doubt ensues an amazingly high sale price. The Padellone is rarely seen on market and demand grows with time. The pre-sale price was estimated at USD 100,000 to 200,000. So that the cheap watch needs keep an eye on during the whole process of the auction. However, the final sale price had almost doubled than its estimated price, this fake watch was one of the most prohibitive fake watches sold by Sotheby’s this week. 
Perpetual calendar chronographs from Patek Philippe is always a best seller with large amounts, and particular replica tag heuer watches like the reference 1518 inevitably sell a good price as soon as they were presented at auction. The item reference 5970 in rose gold is a descendant of the classic 1518 that Patek Philippe produced between 2004 and 2011, and this specific fake watch was produced in 2005. The reference 5970 inherited a lot of the design language of vintage Patek Philippe perpetual calendars and bring out a more modern appearance and touch with rectangular chronograph buttons and a 40 mm case diameter.

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